Up Theme Party Invitations for Rowan’s 1st Birthday

up theme party photoshoot by Burns PhotographyFor Rowan’s 1st Birthday invitations, Photographer mum, Summer from Burns Photography(based in California) set up a whimsical Up theme party photo shoot. Rowan is so adorable posing as old man Carl, from Disney film ‘UP’ who by tying thousands of balloons to his home sets out to fulfil his lifelong dream for adventure and lost love. Rowan certainly looks like he is having a lot of fun during the shoot. Summer took a large wire basket, wrapped the inside with a Hessian sack and attached lots of colourful helium balloons to it. Later Rowan sits outside his house sporting a cap, bow tie and glasses and looking such a dapper little man!

Tell us about the Up Theme Party Invitations Photoshoot, Summer?

Rowan’s birthday was a few months away but I wanted to get in his UP theme party invitation themed shoot while the weather was still nice. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since this little man showed up and completely changed my life. I so enjoy him, his babbling, his funny faces. He is the biggest blessing and I really can’t remember how I got along without him. It’s been the absolute best year and hopefully it’s all UP from here! Keep Smiling, Summer.

Rowan's up theme party invitations Up theme photoshoot for party annoucementsRowan all dressed up!Rowan's up theme partyIt is a brilliant idea to personalise your baby’s 1st Birthday invitations, you can with a little imagination set up a fun theme to photograph with or without the help of a professional photographer. Have you held a creative themed party for you little one? Get in touch with your photos, we would love to see them!
Kirsty xxx

Credits & Sources:
Little one photo shoot: Burns Photography
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  1. These photos are simply precious and adorable. I love that movie too.

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