Newborn Photography of Cuddly Jack (and bunny!)

Jack's newborn photography sessionCuddly Jack is so so adorable in this newborn photography captured by Here Comes Baby’s favourite Shellie Wall. Shellie creates wonderful photos with such sweet props positioning sleeping Jack in snuggly knitted trousers and lying him in cosy textured blanket filled baskets and pods. I always love showcasing Shellie’s work and she has a wonderful can do attitude.

Baby Jack looks contented snuggling his bunny toy to his cheek, bunny will probably become a firm friend of Jack’s and no doubt he will end up being sucked and dragged around at a later date!

Tell us about Cuddly Jack’s Newborn Photography Session, Shellie?

Back in November baby Jack came to see me, he was a super sleeper and his snuggly cuddles were the best!
I think on the whole I photograph more girls than boys but I do love it when a little man comes in and I get to use props that I wouldn’t use on girls like little pants!!
Shellie xx

Baby Jack photographed by Shellie Wall PhotographyNewborn photography of Jackahhhh baby Jack in a basketAdorable baby photography of Jack

These photos make me want a cuddly sleepy baby in my arms right now on a cold snowy day stuck in the house!

Kirsty xxx

Credits & Sources:
Newborn Photography: Shellie Wall Photography
Find Shellie Wall Photography and other local UK baby photographers in our Baby Photographers Directory
With thanks to cuddly Jack and Bunny!

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