Grey Yellow Themed Baby Shower for Baby Chiarizia

Yellow & Grey Baby Shower Dessert Table

This grey yellow themed baby shower was organised by Melissa from Punkin Threads for her best friend Lainey, who is expecting baby Chiarizia. The dessert table was full of yummy and sweet goodies, such as peanut butter balls and dipped marshmallows. Melissa said “Lainey has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I have ever known, so it was fitting to have a dessert table!”. The centre piece of the dessert table was the ‘Buddy’ monkey baby shower cake make by Lainey’s cousin Kate. There was lemonade in a stylish glass dispenser . This was served in retro jam jar glasses decorated with a slice of lemon and stripy yellow and grey straws. There was also lemonade with rosemary infused Vodka available. Paper circle garlands were handmade in the theme colour to hang behind the dessert table. A fabulous flag cake bunting on a yummy frosted white cake with lemon colour sponge was served to guests.

Yellow & Grey Baby Shower cake before Yellow & Grey Baby Shower cake after

Yellow & Grey Baby Shower Drinks Yellow & Grey Baby Shower lemonade & retro straw

Yellow & Grey Baby Shower monkey cake

Grey Yellow Themed Baby Shower Dessert Table Grey Yellow Themed Baby Shower Dessert Table

Lainey cutting the baby shower cake Lainey opening her baby shower gifts

Baby shower umbrella decoration
Onesie baby shower decorationsFun baby shower umbrella with baby raindrops and onesie baby shower banner make this baby shower contemporary. There were lots of gifts, including some handmade blanket knitted by Lainey’s mum and aunt.

Want to hold your own grey yellow themed baby shower?

Kirsty xxx

Melissa from Punkin Threads & Etsy shop

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