Freya’s Expressionful 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Cake smash for Freya's 1st Birthday with giant cupcakeSmash the cake photography by Shellie Wall PhotographyWhat a fantastic cake smash this is! So many expressions are shown by Freya as she celebrated her 1st birthday with a smash the cake photography session, captured by Shellie Wall Photography, based in Norfolk, UK. Freya was presented with the most gorgeous giant cupcake to enjoy and a wooden spoon to help with the smashing! The sweet paper circle garland matches the cake perfectly and Freya’s polka dot outfit. You get to see a great range of emotions from wonder, to laughter and to tears, which I am sure were quickly soothed.

What are the ingredients for a creating a great cake smash:

  • Take one super cute baby celebrating her/his 1st birthday
  • Add a giant sugary wonderland cupcake
  • Add simple & lovely accessories
  • Don’t forget a pinch of good lighting
  • Mix in with a talented baby photographer

= Sugary sweet cake smash photos

Tell us about Freya’s Cake Smash, Shellie?

A cakesmash is the perfect way to celebrate your first birthday…Freya is now one and her cake smash was the funniest I’ve ever done, she has so many different expressions … we giggled throughout her whole session ….. Until we took the cake away!!
Shellie xx
Freya's 1st birthday smash the cake photography ukCake smash captured by Shellie WallFreya enjoying her smash the cake session1st birthday celebration ukFreya's cake smashSome tears from Freyaresults of the smash the cake photography session ukWhat do you think about the imported from America ‘Cake Smash’ trend? Have you got a cake smash you want to share with us?

Kirsty xxx

Credits & Sources:
Cake Smash Photography: Shellie Wall Photography
Giant Cupcakes: Palmers Department Store
Find Shellie Wall Photography and other local UK baby photographers in our Baby Photographers Directory
With thanks to Freya!


  1. I think the smash cake setting is perfect for the 1st birthday photography shoots. The photos usually come out looking so creative and really capture the personality of the 1 year old. I will definitely be having one.

  2. Love it. I am sooo excited about doing my first cake smash in July as a first birthday session for a client. This is great inspiration so thanks for featuring it!

    Another idea I will be incorporating is a bath in the garden in a vintage tub after the cake has been demolished (fingers crossed for nice weather, failing that indoors will do the trick too). This will kill two birds with one stone – a good clean up for the cakey baby and more fabulous photos!

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